Help for websites and webmasters

Hi, my name is Hans. I am an IT expert with many years of experience in various website tools and platforms. I can offer you a helping hand with anything regarding your website when problems arise.

I offer easy and cheap help with updating, moving, migrating and maintaining websites, including: webshop, online store, hosting, domain name, back-up, https security, emails, spam emails, cookie and privacy policy, newsletters, members directory, booking calendar, document sharing, design refresh , Google searches, social media, text and images and much more ...

My website help gives you sensible and effective solutions for large and small tasks - and always at a fixed low hourly rate. You can also choose discount cards or subscriptions.

Get help to take care of your website for your association, gallery, club, kennel, business, rental property or just for your own private website. Get a free and non-binding offer.

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hjaelp til hjemmeisdeHelp for websites and webmasters

I can help with, among other things:

  • Updating & maintaining web page content
  • Moving Website to New Provider
  • Backup Web Page Content
  • Domain name, email, and inbox setup
  • 'HTTPS' Website Security
  • Design and layout tips and advice
  • SEO - get found better in Google searches
  • Google ads, business, and maps
  • Newsletter Implementation
  • Image processing and cropping
  • Statistics, Traffic, and Visits

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hjaelp til hjemmeisdeSystems and tools I help with

I am an expert in online platforms including:

  • 123hjemmeside
  • 123minsida
  • Wix
  • Wordpress
  • Joomla
  • Gmail
and others

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hjaelp til hjemmeisdeHelp with making a new website

I can also help you while you create a new website. I will guide and train you so that you can update and maintain the website the future.

I will help you with advice on how to make a website visible in Google, so that it appears in the searches you want and sends you new customers.

I can also help with an inexpensive webmaster service where I check that your website is online and everything is working smoothly.

I will give you only the best advice and work on an hourly basis at low rates and only by appointment.

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Help for websitesMoving, changing and domain setup help

I can help setting up your domain name. What is a domain name?

The domain name is the address of your website. Just like you have a home address or a phone number that others use to find you, a domain name is the address used to find your website on the internet. In other words, your domain name is your website address.

The domain name comes after www in your website address. Eg. our domain name is www. . A domain name can also end with .dk or other types of endings.

The domain name is also used for emails that belong to your website - the domain name comes after @ in an email address - e.g.

I can help and guide you with ordering and setting up your domain name registration. If you already have a domain name, I can help with setting it up or transferring it to a new domain provider.

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Help for websitesHelp with website hosting, moving and backups

What is hosting? Your website must have a host - in other words - a 'space' on a server computer which is on the Internet.

As a website owner, you have to pay a company for your website to have its own place on the web. The company that sells you space on their computer online can also offer you space for an online store and for your email.

So hosting covers a lot of different services for websites. These companies are also called web hosts or internet providers. There are many website providers to choose between to host your website. Some of them also have a website building tool that you can use to build your own website with templates.

I have experience with many tools and website providers and can help and guide you with hosting, maintenance, domain renewal, etc. Tell me who your internet provider is and I will help you with the website setup. I have experience with many online companies including, 123website, 123minsida,, Wix, Shopify, Wordpress and others.

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hjaelp til hjemmeisdeHelp with Email, inboxes and spam filters

You probably know email. These are digital letters. But there are many ways to set up your email.

You can create an email address that uses your personal domain name, or you can create a free online email service like Gmail or Hotmail. Or can also use a program like Outlook on your PC for both types of email.

I can help you set up your email addresses and inboxes, so you get the best solution for you and your website.

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hjaelp til hjemmeisdeSecurity and backup help

Is your website secure? I can help you with your website security. I will check that your website has an SSL certificate, which gives your website better search engine results and helps prevent unauthorized access.

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hjaelp til hjemmeisdeHelp with updating your website

I can help update and maintain the content on your website. Most people nowadays use an online platform to create and update their website.

I know most online platforms on the market and can help if you have trouble understanding all the functions of your website updating tool.

I also give good advice, tips and help for better website design, image processing and image cropping.

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hjaelp til hjemmeisdeHelp with SEO optimisation and Google

What does SEO mean? SEO means Search Engine Optimization . It is the art of making your website as visible as possible in the Google search engine, so that future customers will find your particular website when searching for a product or service online.

I can help you get your website as high as possible in Google searches.

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hjaelp til hjemmeisdeHelp with newsletters and calendars

I offer help setting up newsletters and mailing list, as well as other online services such as booking/appointment calendars.

There are many ways to do this. Together we will find the solution that suits you best!

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hjaelp til hjemmeisdeHelp with contact forms, maps and Google Maps

I can help with adding contact forms and maps on your website and get your website / business on Google Maps.

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hjaelp til hjemmeisdeHelp with sharing documents online

I can help add e.g. PDF documents on your website, that you can then share with your visitors. You may need to share meeting minutes, instructions, brochures, guides and much more.

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hjaelp til hjemmeisdeCheap hourly prices - contact me

I live in beautiful Spain, with low taxes, so I can offer hourly rates that are far below most European countries.

I will be happy to give you an offer on the tasks you want help with.

My name is Hans - contact me by email:

My website:

hjaelp til hjemmeisdeThis website helps with questions like:

Where can I find help with technical issues for my website?
Who can help with domain name, hosting and website setup?
Who can help move a website?